Generation of Calamity

These countries consider age as a bag of stones, it throws upon you the load of the years that have passed to make you realize its weight, and get used to the fatigue of the age to come.

We, children of this generation, have been obligated by our country since adolescence to acquire an opinion or an issue as a trend that we commit to, only to obtain a part of evening talks platforms, an opinion that we were forced to change hundreds of times because it was failing us every time.

We are the ones who kept up with the country’s weakness, its fraud, its sickness, its lies, and its hormones that made everything seem more difficult.

Yes, the generation of the nineties has an essential feature

It’s that everything is more difficult for them…

Our generation had to leave, that’s it, we had to hate this country and mourn it at the same time.

/ Imagine that you are in a ship with the ones you love, and you had to throw some of them to stay alive … Who would you choose?! /

This was the “truth or dare” game of this generation, to choose between what you love and prepare it for death, the answer was the country of course… I throw my country into the sea, it dissolves in salt water and I get rid of the extra weight of my heart.

This country was also able to make us feel that we were a complete burden. It tells us:

Had you been a little younger, it would’ve all ended before you were born, or a little older you would’ve lost hope faster.

We are the midfield, we defend and attack

We defend ourselves from the rationing of electricity and water cuts, mortar shells, explosions, forced holidays, the queue for gas, diesel fuel, our broken parents, the hated specialty in university, dreams of travel, travel, smuggling, regular, free, Muslim Brotherhood, supporting, opposition, election, referendum. And the countries that did not see us in the crowding of life.

And we play the role of the attack, saying that we have survived the more difficult, so another load will not harm us. We attack life with our despair.

We were not armed with love, we learned that circumstances ruled

And that the units and the “100 sms for 100 pounds” offer makes your relationship more beautiful.

We were not armed with love, so there is no stability that we have witnessed to believe that this love remains and does not disappear.

We learned that nothing is stable except what we will tell our children one day.

We were called the “Generation of Calamity”.

Alissar Alsaiegh

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