I ask for forgiveness
I ask for my life to fly free and tender
Like the word
“Forgive me”

O God
Creator of prophets and sad voices
You’ve done everything
Granted all the things their scents
The farewell that is with no return
The farewell that is with return
The friends who fear the sea
And hide it in their coelom
The remorse while it’s kindling firewood
And the gaze that can never be filled
With all the poetry in the world

You’ve left behind sounds for all the things
The hands interlocked on a lap
And the two knees ached by going up the stairs
Thus they cry at night
Safety dismantling like a long strand
The story we wished had another beginning
Or another end

But you, God.
Haven’t created a single heart.
That doesn’t want to be in love.

How do we love memories when they are so painful?

For things I have no guilt of.
For friends who become enemies.
For passing in the wrong way.
For calling out when it’s too late.
For the open door at the end of love.
For forgetting.
And for not forgetting.
And for the doubt that grows like a poisoned tree in the heart.

Marwa Melhem

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