A stranger

A stranger is what I am
A stranger
Like a candle in the daylight of the city
Like a smile on sad faces
Like a word was held hostage in the heart
A stranger
Like a night without lovers
And a land without fighters
Like a camel boarding the ship
A stranger
Like a prison mourning its emptiness
Like a flower in winter
A stranger as is the poors’ love for freedom
A stranger is what I am
Like dreams coming true
Like uprooting the pains
Like peace seekers
Riding the guns
A stranger
Like the promises of peace
In international forums
Like the accusations exchanged
Between the shell and the artillery
Like the smoothness of the executioner’s hand
On the victim’s back
A stranger as in freedom
In the land of slavery
A stranger like you are my lady
Like a bird in a cage
And a bullet in a vase
A stranger like a poem was written
In the diaspora
Praising the unity of the nation.

Usama Morzak

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