The dancer of war

Wait for me!
We will meet
after the winter
I told her
We will meet with the sunrise
When the cold leaves our bodies
Above the saddles
On the paths of lovers
We will meet when the snow dissolves from our dreams
Between meadows
Such as anemones
I blossom, you as well.

Can you hear me?
Stay there!
Where my eyes and yours have met since the dawn of love
There, where love grew in my body
And my heart went beating
Despite the sound of the war, our lips were filled with love
There, where I have known you
Between old alleys
A butterfly of love
I knew you over the walls and houses
a jasmine flower
Oh, do you know?
War is fleeting no matter how long
And I love you, so do not leave

Do You believe!?
The sun is bright though absent
I love you, so do not despair
Oh, do you believe?
Distances have tired me and hurt me
And I love you, so dance

Yes, do not let my demands surprise you
Dance so I could sing
In homes that the war has endured, with love and fire
And dance
In hearts that war has cursed with distance
dance above the guns
Between feelings and graves
In the hearts of those who were expelled
Dance between poems and trenches
In the game above the pawns
Between the sounds of whining
And dance at the summit and the conference
Behind the hotels doors
Between the hands of the attendees

Approach them
Say peace
Then remember the dream of the martyr
A room and a bride
Or a kiss on the forehead
Their simple dreams
Remember the pain of the prisoner
A permanent torment
And compassionate
Their simple pains

Then mention me
And mention my companions before them
My grandfather’s house and my uncle’s
Also mention my father and mother
And tell what you desire, of my present and my past
but ignore my tomorrow
ignore them and ignore me
And before you go
read them my salutation
and my curses.


Usama Morzak

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