The drowning straw

Also the straw, clings to the drowning
Alone, bears the burden of his heavy death… Dries the sweat from his forehead when suffering
Pats his broken shoulder.
drags his heavy laden feet
Wipes his face with its disability… And cries
The straw also… is let down by him giving up, after surviving

Recurrence of the pain is more pernicious than the pain itself,
Teach your hearts to obey after the first disappointment.
For hearts also have muscles, refine it with absence
Train your hearts to lift the weight of the departed every day,
You may be relieved of the weakness of waiting for them to return

On board this ever-troubled galaxy
The ever-threatened with the danger of death by drowning in truth or burning in reality…
I could not yet understand how life is based on pure concealment from the eyes of truth!
And how we should close our eyes fearing a catastrophe or whirlwind, one that has been nothing, but us!
And how can I survive, when I haven’t yet learned how the surface of the lake changes its face, whenever a passerby passes…

disappointment: A tree clinging to a cloud, a cloud that has no roots.
stupidity: The tree itself, clinging to another cloud.

We gradually turn to all the things we hated in those we love.
We do not leave, we get infected with cruelty.


Julie Bitar

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