Hi guy

The nurse brought me to this room to meet you for the first time. While your mother is still under the influence of the drug, fortunately. She is the one who chose to give birth by surgery. Because “her sister in law is not better than her”. These days they want to collect the fruits without the sun burning their skin .

There were reports that surgery may cause subsequent mental retardation, and when I told your mother, she replied, “Why don’t you give birth instead of me?”

Yes, my friend, she is the mother. But do not worry… I have the instruction manual. All you have to do is that simple gesture pro; move your head back quietly and then forward twice strongly, come with me… Oh my God! Come on!! Is this so difficult? I think the signs of underdevelopment have begun to appear. Oh, disappointment of your mother in front of residents of the neighborhood! Her son is the only one who will not become a doctor like Ahmad, the neighbors son!

Although Ahmed is a veterinarian but that does not matter at all. The important thing is that they call you “Doctor” and that your mother becomes “Mother of Doctor”. I heard that he gives people treatment for half the price. He is also credited with the habit of people eating “flavored chicken” as an economical alternative to the expensive meat.

What? What is that?! An arrogant look? What is this look? Please explain to me… your highness! I do not know, maybe you just urinate.

Let me clarify some things about life here.

We have been living in several crises for several years, even that the word “crisis” no longer fits. It is something much larger! It has become a lifestyle.

With the first fuel tanker entering the neighborhood, you have to rush to prepare the “derbaka” and sing to your mother who dances, celebrates and sprinkles rice.

The gas is even more complicated… Guinness? The longest queue? We did not only break a record, we broke the whole encyclopedia. Frankly, Abu Majid is the one who tore the book. Who is Abu Majid? Abu Majid is the one who photographed the queue. He did not like that he did not appear in the picture, and the whole world couldn’t see his shoes, which arrived from his refugee relative in Sweden.

Water… If you do not wake up at five in the morning to fill the tank, it is okay. We have a tube that we always borrow water with it from the reservoir of our beloved Abu Jamil. Do not make a lot of fuss, coz I haven’t told Abu Jamil about this yet.

We also have “Aref  aka The Knower”, News Sniffer”, he is the reason behind the downing of the neighborhood curtains. Knows news of even the dates of menstruation and “what is our lunch today”. Most of the neighborhood women grab news of the neighbors from him. It is said that he expanded to include the transmission of news and field movements. It is also said that he does not only work for one party, as he needs a steady income. Well done for him! At least he passes the barriers of the parties smoothly and easily.

When you reach puberty, don’t you approach the “Mrs Fahmeya” with blond hair and red robe. They say that she is overpriced, her customers are high class. Do not embellish that look, this does not mean that I asked about the subject before. “Aref” did, “Aref ” told me. Yes, he did it!

I do not like you baby, it looks like we have to replace you with a colleague here in the incubator. This kid looks blond and cute, or that girl on the right. Unfortunately! The nurses are watching us from the outside smiling, so they may think it is an emotional moment, I wish they know how hard I tried to escape before entering here, but we seem to have fallen into the trap together, baby, there is no room to switch or rewind.

Leen Mhanna

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