Mohammed Faky – NaPoWriMo

Day 29 – Ocean in a Shell

Here, during the last times Me, my blood, and my stubborn memory, with some of “me” waiting for homeless visions.
A suffocating air is breaking through my chest and singing a tired poem.
Here, nothing looks like me and I don’t look like anything…
Here, my face is desperately craving its laughter and my voice is just a flock of insurrection flying above my martyred throat.
Here are the rocks, hugging me and toasting my loneliness.
Here is the prisoner, breaking me down and plucking off my blood’s grapes.
Here I am, alone and deep inside the waves of longing are invading my thoughts with anger…
Here is my body, trying to solve a puzzle with another puzzle. Here is my chest where my white dove settles down.
Here is my mom, kissing my dark-skinned forehead, meanwhile I am embracing my little child with a weak arm.
Here, the delusions may be helpful, as my whole world is just summarized into: iron bars and a window that weaves my fate from its light.
And next to the window passes a cloud at which I unload my groans so that the executioner’s laughter will rain, pouring a Mawwal of insubordination and riot.
Here is the history, my chasm, my memory, my oblivion, the nothingness, and my faith…
Good morning, my self, good evening, my self, you seem pretty tired today, you seem mad today…
We will drown in the sea of days and tomorrow we are going to be a number and an image in the dew’s mind
I wrote a blue will to our upcoming fear claiming that I was alone here, that I was an ocean in a shell…

Mohammed Faky

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