Housam Kutayni – NaPoWriMo

Waves wisdom

Life will slap you to wake up, and the range will let you down to see the way
You will fall into the paths of a dream because the falling will train you to be fit a dream
Because you are a friend of imagination and son of poetry, visions will tell you something unbearable
Your share of the sky of God is night, while your poetry fills the world with luster
and your luck that the earth will be a prison, Nevertheless, you will carry a free heart
You will give each female a joy dress, And the distance will wear you a dress of classy sadness
You will seek like Hajar between love and another but your spittle will not get wet
To extinguish between its sides a fire… You will kindle the fire between your sides
it will left from her love memory in you; as deep as passion; a deep wound
To understand what the waves say, set sail without ships,
you will understand it by drowning

Housam Kutayni

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