An invisible monster

An invisible monster frightens the world.

The daily news do not allow us to see anything positive.

Just like this, creepingly, secretly, quietly it expelled you and me.

Suddenly disposed precaution have turned our lives upside down. It is no surprise that we need to get used to it and no one likes it.

Suddenly we have an abundance of work to manage, while others close their shops and get into financial straits. If there is no state support, we cannot be surprised that the mood shifts.

The sadness in our faces cannot be covered.

Maybe there will still be something to learn from this, after all.

Quite a number of privations were painful in the beginning and cost us patience and strength.

From the outside of rush to the inside with silence and withdrawal.

Now, we finally spend some time with ourselves or our loved ones.

The necessary separation from grandparents to grandchildren hurts.

it’s a temporary way that we walk with video calls as comfort.

I know, it’s not the same, the longing for a soon reunion remains, no doubt.

Which makes what I now acknowledge and say even more fitting:

Maybe we now discover what is important in life, health and living consciously, not just existing, forgetting, losing.

For the first time in history, we stand together, so we are not all destroyed.

Now we are all sitting in the same boat,

I do not think I have to stress it more.

There is a special solidarity, distance, consideration, and responsibility that shows.

Now we need acceptance with a productive creative daily plan for a our fateful “house arrest”. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world, but still a big test.

A test of humans and humanity, of solidarity and who stands for whom.

Maybe we will learn to appreciate what we have and will become more thankful and see the things we have more clearly.

Because in truth, we do not have any control.

That’s how we break with this useless role.

Najima El Haddad

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