I have so many impossibilities
For example, it is impossibly how I behave
It is impossible, this gaze of mine, that I put on like glasses
Impossible that I hear what I actually should not hear
Impossible how I carry these words on my tongue
It is impossible to like me
Because with this tongue I ask too many questions
Impossible how I dare to take more than possible
To carry more fruits than I have hands
To see what I am going to reap even before sowing it
To reach for the stars that are planes in reality and fly away like dreams
To accept a seat at the adult’s table and still reject it with a ‘no thanks’
To run backwards with small baby steps and my eyes closed
To want what is impossible apparently means to be impossible yourself.

And I have so much to be untried
Because so many have tried
To exchange my life with their love
Regular visits became an addiction instead
And it’s then the temptations
That haunt me in the end
That’s how I want love to suffocate me while I try to help life breathe
That’s how I want to find the love of my life but don’t look for it inside of me
And if I’ve never thought that I have lost life
Then I have never really searched for it, let alone found it
And only because I am addicted to love that I mistake for life
I give in to this temptation again and again
And again, I search for the wrong life in the biggest labyrinth
A game that no one wins. I should leave it untried.

Keça Filankes

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