you’ve tried by all available means, worked harder each day than anyone else. Since the very beginning you have justified yourself but finally failed in being yourself.
Horrifying, if your helplessness is comparable with a pebble stone within a tight jungle of concrete, if you are continuously misunderstood, right?
Unjust, if pressure overwhelms despite your own frustration and desperation so that even a gentle grain of sand decays into ashen dust, right?
It is cruel, being declared as outlawed in the fragile spotlight, hence being followed and sacrificed for the questionless, right?
You mutated into a living target, every further shot will define your sensitive nature, destroy your natural grace and take your remaining self-confidence.

Listen, it is ok.
It is ok feeling weak and tired.
It is ok aching to be loved and wanted.
It is ok possessing abysms and weaknesses.
It is ok withstanding grueling times together.

Odious daily shadows occult you and your natural charisma, you are turning to obedience and popularity. But your propriety embitters, your abilities inevitably shiver in front of your fallibilities – you are becoming a fake, vainly shifting yourself into the wrong light.

But I have explored your truth, have found your true self.

Listen to me, it is ok.
It is ok being honest and kind.
It is ok being simply different.
It is ok being humbly human.
It is ok just being yourself.

Your will is strong and unique, your love in life is diverse, making me peerlessly speechless. One time, you are mesmerizing melancholily beautiful as autumn’s golden forest before sunset, another time, you are rising as a wild single raging wave in the wide azure ocean.
Don’t you see your beauty? Look into my eyes, realize the brilliance of your face, the glow of your heart, the search after your perfection.
Don’t you notice your worth? Feel my body, sense the warmth of your existence, the tremor of your will power, the aspiration of your self-love.

You are ok. You are unforgettable, you are unmistakable, you are complete.

Cansev Duru

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