I write young adult fiction

Sometimes, I see words
Words that frighten me
You know, that kind
That is not even two-thirds
Of the greatness in that modest red book
Trendy and innovative
They downgrade your language
Until it’s nothing but pathetic adjectives
And suddenly all of my achievements
All of my stories I love so much
All of my personal triumphs
Are a mere pitiful attempt

Sometimes, I walk into a bookstore
And without even wanting it
Without even trying a new direction
I sink into the floor
In front of all these names
Names that frighten me
I swear, it’s not about their fames
I just want to pay tribute to them
So why can I hear that red book laughing in my head?

Sometimes, I am brave
I walk through the trendy, innovative world and express it
Cocky I break out of my own cage
As if it wasn’t a huge conflict

Young adult fiction, I hear myself saying
I write young adult fiction
Isn’t it dismaying?

No, neither the kind that changes human lives
But rather the kind that entertains and revives
When the whole world passes you by
Or molders along with your feelings at night
When you can’t stand to look anyone in the eye

Sometimes, words are just words
But sometimes they are a place of refuge
A relief so incredibly huge
In this trendy, innovative world

Mina Mart


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