Don’t tell anyone

Don’t tell anyone
but sometimes I hope.
I see fear, anger and destruction
and right in the middle of it a little light
it takes my cynicism
and gives me faith in this world
even though this world really really sucks.

Please, don’t tell anyone
but sometimes I love.
With everything I have
with my heart and my soul
you, all of you
and very rarely myself, as well
in these fleeting moments
in which I am loveable.

Please, keep it to yourself
but sometimes I am happy
like, really
like, ready to burst
as if the world was beautiful
as if it had given me more
than it has taken from others
as if all this suffering made sense.

Keep it to yourself, please
but sometimes I feel like I have done enough
suffered enough
given enough
fought enough
this especially: fought enough
that I deserve a little happiness and peace
as if I was entitled to it.

And yesterday
with you
I was fearless for a second.
Don’t tell anyone
but it was wonderful.
We laughed in the fear’s face
as if we had any power
over thoughts, feelings
over people
for one moment
I was sure
that we will make it
you and I.

Maria Tramountani

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