My heart is burning

Your heart is burning, sister
Down there in the south
A mountain of polyester
makes your eyes tire

Your voice sets out
towards the sun
you embrace your tears
in the land without rain

In the land without rules
once died your child
her screams are still sailing
in the wind

Under blades her female power
broke to pieces
how can you despise
what god has created?

Oh, beautiful desert flower
your fruitful nature
withered in the land of shadows
of your spiritual torture

Oh, beautiful desert rose
your land does not let you spring
when you discover the hypnosis of morbid daze
you will dissolve redly

Your heart is burning, sister
In the land of a hundred lives
the holy waters
cannot give you purity

Which one night was taken from you
in the darkness of lust
What possessed you
That you had to go out at night?

A man has desires your blaze provokes,
that’s the way it is
that’s why for your sake
you should hide it with silk

Because if a man sees your full lips
he will want to make you his wife
and if you dare to declare your will
he will burn the colours of your soul
and you will turn cold and grey

The streets are too tough
for your gentle soul
even if there is the seed of a fighter burning
behind your soft ways

But you cannot blossom in the monsoon
the rain of tears is falling too dense
you are the daughter of India only
with your back turned to the world
in the spotlight of the media

Your heart is burning, sister
it’s burning like your wounds
the stroke gets stronger
and you flee into the hours

Of a joyful time
when love was thriving
and togetherness
was stroking your soul

The very last colour
of your dark grey world
is the one that your face
so tragically disfigures

The wall swallows you
you become one with the stone
you gladly accept
to be finally lifeless

He is so talented
at breaking bones and promises
and boiling with rage
and yes, I am fine
anything else would kill me
Because the bursting women’s shelter may not take me in.

I see the world failing at the safety of their women
and to save ourselves we need self-confidence
But how can we build it when everyone tells us
that a girl always has to be graceful and charming?

That a girl should dress like a man wants her to
that a girl should kindly act like a lady
that a girl doesn’t drink and a girl doesn’t smoke
that a girl needs a man to survive

I am not a helpless powerless being
There burns a wolflike temper
in my chest, that men treasure and likewise taboo
and that makes men lose quickly their cool

I’m sick of looking back on my way home
I’m sick of having to learn to deal with
being an object of desire in the moonlight
being the living ornament of a man

Healthy suspicion is actually sick
and I owe it so much poisonous fear
Even though I am full of trust
and I prefer to build bridges instead of walls

Don’t you understand that the female force
can create as much good as yours?
But the world doesn’t give her enough space
to live dearly her own dream

I have a dream of unity and bliss
a journey onwards without turning back
but I need you as my step is too small
no matter how hard I row, the flow carries me away

The flow is a choir of many mute mouths
and yelling despotic heralds of hate
you will only hear us if we are many
with bass, alt, soprano in the upwind

I beg you, brothers, treat me
as if I was your own daughter, because if I was her
you would protect me like your dearest treasure
if I was her there would be no contempt or violence

I beg you, sisters, stop hating each other
we have to leave the limits of jealousy
because if we only play against each other
this voice will remain just one of many

My heart is burning, brother
don’t forget
that a man without a woman
cannot be

My heart is burning, sister
but it will not burn much longer
if we stand up today
freedom will dawn.

Luna Schafitel

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