The Boat

My heart
Jump over the cliff
Go into the middle
of the sea
Don’t be afraid
of the depth
Don’t be afraid
of the tilt 

of the boat

My heart
Forget them
You were closed
to them
Like the letters
Don’t be sad
About the past
The palm tree has long since died
There are no dates for tomorrow

All hearts
And died
Like the engine
five times
I was
like a mattress for the children
All stammering blue is above
and blue is below

Our hearts were like boxes
Our voices were like rustling
All want to be like the blackbirds

We flee
And buy

I was the last to sit.
To the man
who lifts the last child
out of the boat
I kissed you
The moment unforgotten

Zakariyya “Zeko” Alobydy

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