Apricot Jelly

It happens
that I’m tasting
words trilingually
rheumy and salty
warm as tears
in a loud afar
mouths slurping
fruit and tea
with stuffed bellies
do we stay more healthy

do the sorrows stay


I think

I’m wondering

how can I teach you
this long word
it cannot be
sung nor danced
my mother says
permit of residence
my mother asks
how do I explain it
to the relatives
if you don’t become a doctor
a teacher
a success

well then

will neither

you nor me


in the meantime I’m learning
how to turn apricots
into jelly
here it’s bitter-tasting goo
I’m keeping to myself
our memories
here too.

Cansev Duru

Translation from German by Raphael Wohlfahrt

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