Dear mother tongue

I feel guilty,
But now I’m reading you patiently.

Born with only one language in focus,
but disinterested in my mother tongue.

I wanted to be one of them,
to avoid bothering them with the accent.

The German language so perfected,
every single word to sentence sensitized.

but even now I’m not one of them,
it’s like stepping barefoot on a mine full out of criticism

Now I know the language,
to belong, like a valuable commodity.
Or rather a lucky thing.

The fear of being laughed at,
tradition and you hiding under the shards. 

Use verbs, nouns, adjectives,
for the price of turning my back on my mother tongue,

learned the language to belong.
Eventually still to be treated like a germ.

Every sentence can be read like hieroglyphics, 
…often the mind is implicated in apocrypha.

I feel guilty about that,
now I’m learning you patiently.

To learn the roots of my mother tongue,
like looking up at the stars like a child,
And deep in his heart, love is growing.

To use the words,
The meanings truncate your heart,

That reflect your soul, 
and seal tradition and culture. 

For this I feel guilty, 
now I’m learning you proudly and patiently.

Nidda Tariq

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