It is to fall in the ignominious every new day, to be afraid of mold climbing my life years
And you laughing and hiding the sun behind your back for me.
It is to not loot in vain, no matter what the wind does to us.
To count you the disappointments, autumn by autumn.
And you count me the stars.
To name you things by their name.
Heaven is a boundary,
Sea is a pool of water
And the moon is an ugly rock.
Is to take off all that we wore of words like “I’m fine” at the door, to talk about the beauty of Daniel Day Louis until dawn.
To count the friends who left.
One, two, a thousand.
And to set fire to the toast of every former lover.
It is my promise to you that my excessive reality will not kill you
but will cause a little pain perhaps
Well, your luck is bad, that’s right. To be honest, you could die…
But you will never be alone.
It is all the times that I wanted to tear your face out of anger.
And then ask you, see you tomorrow?

Aya Alnamly

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