Dance of words

Dance with me the circle of words,
no matter how old you are or where you live.
The melody of words breaks through all walls,
even when we mourn misfortune and search for luck.
it’s general, universal and very quick.
Like a sting of a bee the word sticks beneath your skin.
firm, firmer, manifest.
it hums into your brain.
hum, hummer, humbrain.
and it mirrors on your tongue.
When the word is too hot it sings:
tongue, tongue, tongue.
it sings at the top of its lungs.
The sound of the hot song
Your head prepares for a word baby
first, the thoughts pairs with the feelings
Then you add words
And suddenly we have a word that hits puberty
hormones dance
it shakes its belly
it breaks out in spots
The content gushes
and makes the counterpart see
it will be gone very soon, too.
You will grow up, even you will grow old.
But please don’t let your heart and words grow cold.
Promise me, little one,
that you will like yourself just as you are.
and see how important and unique you are in this world.
Promise me, little one,
That you will love yourself
and that you will be patient and push yourself
push with words, despite rivals and duds.
Those who use words truthfully
achieve success, one success after the other.
All’s well that ends well, bolster up with thoughts and words.
Don’t think of people who cloud your mood
those people come in all shapes and sizes.
You shouldn’t, they shout.
You don’t want, they shout.
You don’t listen, they shout.
Let THEM be and stay as you are.
your life and your words belong to you
As in life, as on paper.


Funda Doğhan

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