Scrap of Paper

tear me from being torn apart
bite my bloody lips
while I quietly tear up the papers.
for a sharp tongue, sharper than paper
I’m going to rip my lips open because
We’re begging to travel,
tear us apart as guests
tear us apart on tolerance as criminals
tearing us to pieces over German passports as winners
but revolve around the same patch of brown earth.
Torn through the paper of a map, out of sight.
Torn across the country, a state with borders, out of mind.
Burning with success stories without subtitles.
Biting into each other’s flesh
for the lonely lead role in the wrong movie.
can actually play the original sound perfectly,
but want to translate it into the real thing.
Tear me away from being torn.
The pain sets one of the bloody lips.

Can’t be legal without being integrated.
Shouldn’t you be illegal without being irrelevant.
Questions that now fall into shreds
from the papers in my hands.
The letterpress was invented to spread the Bible,
but nobody could read.
So tell me what charity is,
Land of poets and thinkers.
Is it Enlightenment with racial theories.
Is it philosophies of antisemites.
Questions which now fall rhetorically
from my bleeding lips.

Keça Filankes

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