Effi Tramountani – NaPoWriMo

Day 11 – Reason to smile

I don’t always smile
In fact, my face is solemn most of the time
I think it’s the way the lines around my mouth align
So when people keep asking me what’s on my mind
I just keep telling them “it’s nothing, I’m fine”

But you see, lately
It seems like my face is changing maybe
I keep catching it lighting up faintly
It makes me think that I misjudged myself, namely
That I might just have lacked a reason to smile daily

Day 12 – Why I am not a Poet

I am not a poet
If I was, I could find the right words
I could make up a world
One where you’d return

I am not a poet
If I was, I could write the right lines
I could form a few rhymes
And then you’d be mine

I am not a poet
If I was, I could craft the right verse
I could go into reverse
And forestall the worst

I am not a poet
Words have failed me far too many times

Day 13 – Letter to my future Self

dear future me,
I hope you’re okay,
and I hope you believe
that you deserve to be.

dear future me,
I hope you know
how much of what I do
is to set you free.

dear future me,
I hope you don’t remember
what it feels like
to be present me.

Day 14 – Quarantini

Übe dich jetzt nicht in Verzicht
Es gab schon andere schlimme Zeiten
Prüfungsphasen mit keinem Ende in Sicht
Glaub‘ mir, es gibt immer Möglichkeiten

Das Schöne ist, dass es mit vielem funktioniert
Aber es braucht eine gewisse Konstanz
Du hast sie doch so lang trainiert
Die Toleranz

Day 15 – Words of Hope

Erase the pity from your face
I don’t need you to console me
Give me a little bit of space
Even when it feels quite lonely

Take your encouragements
I don’t want your words of hope
Allow me my sentiments
This is how I cope

Day 16 – What they took

Fear took my courage
Pain took my joy
When depression was finished
There was nothing left to destroy

Anxiety took my peace
Sadness took my loved ones
When loneliness took over
I forgot that I’d had hope once

I don’t know how they found me
I didn’t ask for them to come
But when all emotions left me
At least they left me numb

Day 17 – Cry me a River

cry me a river
cry me an ocean
cry me a stream
the only place you’ll ever see me is your dreams

tell me you love me
tell me you need me
tell me you’ll stay
funny how you say that after being the one who walked away

beg for forgiveness
beg for compassion
beg for relief
compared to what you’ll suffer, my pain will be brief

Effi Tramountani

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